Testo Digital Thermohygrometer
Description of Testo Digital Thermohygrometer

The Testo 608-H1 digital thermohygrometer equips you to constantly keep an eye on the indoor climate and displays the current temperature and humidity values continuously.

Testo 174H Mini Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

The Testo 174H (0572 6560) Mini Temperature and Humidity Data Logger features a large display and alarm indication that makes it capable of monitoring air temperature and relative humidity levels at all times. This temperature and RH measurement logger is long lasting for continuous use and is highly accurate. The Testo 174H has clear indications of when humidity and temperature thresholds have been exceeded

Ferrule Printing Machine- Canon

CANON MK2500 Amazingly fast, easy and clear! Bringing tremendous improvement in work efficiency! The MK2500 prints precise characters of up to 300dpi for tubes, labels and more. With a large LCD display and automatic full and half-cutting, it offers smooth and easy printing from start to finish.

Digital Anemometer

DESCRIPTION Lutron AM-4201 Thermo Anenometer Key Features The portable anemometer provides fast accurate readings with digital readability and the convenience of a remote sensor separately. Multi-functions for air flow measurement m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots. Low-friction ball-bearing design resulting in accuracy at both high and low velocities Conventional twisted vane arms,