KSR KUEBLER level switches
Description of KSR KUEBLER level switches

Level Switches. Sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific liquid, powder or bulk level. Capacitive, conductive, diaphragm, displacer, float, inductive, optical, paddle, vibrating rod, tilt, and tuning fork models. Yes! I am interested

WIKA Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Applications of the magnetic float switch Level measurement for almost all liquid media Pump/level control Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, natural gas, offshore, shipbuilding, machine building, power generating equipment, power station Process water and drinking water treatment

Level Transmitter-Flange Mounted

The high performance FLANGE MOUNTED DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE TRANSMITTER can be used to measure levels of densities of solidifying or precipitating liquids. DPT outputs a 4 to 20 mA DC signal corresponding to the measured differential pressure.